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Author : TotorMan Date : 2012-08-11
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seblec at 2012-10-04

ToTorMan at 2012-09-19
Yes, it's Project-X tune ;)

twollah / bRoKEn hOP at 2012-09-15

Gryzor at 2012-09-03
@Lars, I remember The Great Giana Sisters on the Amiga very well, and you can hear the music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvHB-C-5k6s. I do have the MOD file too, but not the intro itself, but it's the music that matters!

skuu at 2012-09-03
rainbows and explosions just came out of my screen, is that normal?

ufo at 2012-09-02
God damnit! This feels so mollifying still seeing peeps out there having skillz AND taste!! Aww...

gmosx at 2012-09-02
Kicks ass!

Only Me at 2012-09-02
Rubbish... There's no audio on on any of them... :-(

lsga at 2012-09-02
Your site rock man ! And I love the ASCII captcha ! THX a lot !

Lars at 2012-09-02
Me again. If you can find some information about that Intro for the (most likely) German crack of Gianna Sisters in 1989 or 1990 I would be glad if you'd contact me. mail@phonetic.info

Lars at 2012-09-02
Ok, perhaps someone can help me find this: twenty years ago I had a game on 1/4" disk called Gianna Sisters. It had an ingeniuous intro wich I couldn't find since then. I like especially the music. It must have been around 1989 or 1990 or so. Beeing around the net since 1996 I couldn't find it and the disk with the game and inro and the Amiga2000 are long gone since then. Maybe someone has an idea what I am talking about? Would be essential for me and the recovery of one of the most important mu

dbounds at 2012-09-02
Oh, the memories. Thanks so much for putting together this compilation.

ruben at 2012-08-31
toma ya

tom at 2012-08-31
La musique du jeu Project X de Team17 .... Inoubliable ;-)

zener at 2012-08-31
Very Great job ! But it seems that some samples in music are not the good ones (a beep replaced by the big wave) ?! Thank you for making us older ;-)

Stip93 at 2012-08-31

oldric at 2012-08-31
Yeah ! Old good Time !

pdm at 2012-08-25
ok c revenu merci

pdm at 2012-08-20

ToTorMan at 2012-08-16
Thx ;) Hard to find effects not already seen everywhere ^^

Shazz at 2012-08-13

Jace at 2012-08-13

maracuja at 2012-08-12
Niceeeeeeeeee !!!!

ToTorMan at 2012-08-12
Gift for my upcoming holidays ;)

NoNameNo at 2012-08-12
Very Very nice original compo ;)

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