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Author : NoNameNo Date : 2012-07-02
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minO at 2014-06-27
Great !!!

Drummerboy at 2012-10-20
Great Job!!.

Lemmmy at 2012-07-31
Thank you, i love this musicdisk.....

mAriO at 2012-07-12
"Chrome not Firefox, as Firefox takes over the F-keys for me" some for me on firefox, and i gat no sound also. Wtf, l'll have to install chrome...

robann at 2012-07-10
Brilliant! Well done!

raizor at 2012-07-07
Great stuff :)

Rhino at 2012-07-06
Splendiferous! Great, job - love it. Tried to get it to work on my 'smartphone'. How are you supposed to press the F-keys! (btw, needed to run this in Chrome not Firefox, as Firefox takes over the F-keys for me.)

NoNameNo at 2012-07-04
@P01 : Fn Keys are ok for me, and YES there is preventDefault() for that !! Do i missed something ?

p01 at 2012-07-04
No the function keys ARE NOT functionnal. The event handler is missing a .preventDefaul(). Also what are you waiting for to include a shim/polyfill of the Web Audio API ?

Pulsar at 2012-07-04
great :)

razor_fan at 2012-07-04
Awesome chiptunes

ToTorMan at 2012-07-02
Well done ! All F-keys are fonctionnals !

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