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Author : NoNameNo Date : 2011-12-14
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Subzero at 2013-01-15
flashtro's htlm5'tro, who the fuck carez, whats alive, or whats dead, most important, you freaks keeping it all alive somehow ;)

lah at 2012-02-06
this is wow

lol at 2011-12-23
"Be an innovator" - Like M9's poor quality imitations of classic cracktros you mean Stu?

stu at 2011-12-22
NoNameNo : Cracktros are dead too, so I guess using flash makes them even more retro. Flashtro has been around for a while now and M9 has been pretty consistent over the years. In the words of Paradox, innovators not imitators. Be an innovator :)

even more amused at 2011-12-20
M9 should get over his ego and put more effort into his remakes, most of them are inaccurate anyway.. He admits on Pouet that he doesn't pay attention to detail like ripping a vector font properly or getting colours right.. Most of the flash remakes should be re-made properly... in HTML 5 or as windows exe's, otherwise just watch a youtube vid because the quality is better than M9's shit.

amused at 2011-12-19
It quite cracks me up how someone who ripped almost all of "his" code from others accuses M9 of being a thief. :)

NoNameNo at 2011-12-19
@stu : except that flash technology is dead ;)

stu at 2011-12-19
Flashtro will always be the original and still the best site to go to for Amiga cracktros :-)

HellsAngel at 2011-12-16
M9 is a thief (...of time) : about Wab 25 "scoopex slayer", I have disassembled the original intro for flashtro at the time, like many others. He steal all my ressources and put them on eab file server, except its original sources of course

emm at 2011-12-15

Dr.Death / Dawn at 2011-12-14
WOW i haven't seen this one for years....

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